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Giants Band-Wagon Whine Reaches New Heights

The Giants came to the Ravine like a 10 year-old kid getting ready for his first trip to Disneyland. They are leaving after spending three days in a hotel puking their guts out over the porcelain cylinder while their brothers and sisters enjoyed the rides…..

The San Francisco Giants trip to Dodger Stadium did not go as planned. They came in Monday night only 3.5 games back of the Dodgers in the West with visions of creeping closer to Los Angeles. Instead the Giants leave the Ravine 6.5 games back and seven games back in the loss column. Barring a Dodger collapse the Giants will continue their rite of passage by not making the playoffs in an odd year.

For the second straight night Bruce Bochy was ejected from the game as he clearly went on full tilt after another close call from crew chief Mike Winters didn’t go his way. On Tuesday night it was a suspect strike call to Alejandro De Aza in a critical spot. Then on Wednesday Winters rung up Brandon Belt in the eighth inning of the series finale on a check swing. Replays showed Belt clearly did not swing. The vitriol is understandable considering how the beat-up Giants have under-performed in their biggest series of the year. Giants fans went on full gasket-blowing mode after the Winters check-swing call.

It is so unbecoming of a champion to whine when things don’t go their way. Can’t they just admit they are being beaten ? I never have a problem tipping my hat to the champs when they were waxing the Dodgers earlier this season. Why is it so hard for Giants fans to do the same ? I think they do take the lead from their broadcasting crew which constantly belittles and dis-respects the Dodgers and their fans. I don’t blame them. That is their schtick. It’s what they do. They could care less what a Dodger fan thinks of their broadcast. They are appealing to Giants fans. But, those subtle comments tend to pollute the waters. So, when their beloved Giants are beaten, especially by the Dodgers, well it couldn’t be that the Dodgers are beating them. It HAS to be that Mike Winters is screwing them, or injuries have depleted them or this, that and the other. I find the long-time Giants fans have a better grasp on the functionality of baseball. Lifers get the fact that there is an ebb and flow to the game that occasionally comes to a head sometimes. The game doesn’t always go your way. Yeah, sometimes you do get hosed. You know what you do, you play through it. The Giants actually do a great job playing through it. Their Johnny-Come-Lately band-wagon fans don’t see it that way. The new fan acts like that 10 year-old kid who is growing up cheering for the Giants and has no clue that they went 56 years with no rings. The lifer understands that sometimes it’s not your year. This is directed to those new fans who are acting like 10 year-olds.

You Got Beat.


It’s a tired act. You are the champs. Act like it. If you have injuries, get better depth so it doesn’t sting as much. Tip your cap to your rival. We’ve been doing it for the last 27 years.


Rivalry Week: Chico and Sonoma

There is no doubt the Chico State and Sonoma State baseball rivalry is the best in the CCAA. These two old NCAC rivals have always been the barometer in which the other is judged.

This week is no exception.  Sonoma State is playing for their West Region playoff lives, and Chico State is playing for a CCAA Conference Championship.

Four games this week that etch another chapter in the long, storied Chico/Sonoma rivalry…..

Photo courtesy of ChicoWildcats.com

Observations after a Dodger loss to Giants


First observation, Josh Beckett will make a good 5th starter. If the Dodgers are going to rely on him to be a number 3 or 4 starter in the rotation, that will not portend for good things in the future.

Second,  Dee Gordon is a game changer. His speed was on full display on his dribbler to Brandon Hicks that was bobbled by Hicks because he knew he couldn’t waste time getting rid of the ball. Sometimes it’s hard to quantify the value of speed, but not with Gordon. He needs to play as long as he is reaching base at a .350 OBP clip.

Third, this platoon in the outfield is maddening. I like all four guys but this won’t work out long-term. Something needs to be done to shuffle the deck and come up with a plan. Whether that is a trade, or the Dodgers wait for that impending injury to a group that has shown they are brittle. I just think it’s a poor dynamic that lends itself to rumbling and frustration in the clubhouse which is not a good thing. Right now things are fine, but how long will that last?

Fourth, the Giants will be here for the duration. San Francisco isn’t going anywhere. As long as the Giants stay healthy the Dodgers will have to fight them off all season long. They are too good, too seasoned to expect them to fade just because the Dodgers full complement is healthy. As stated before in this blog, I still feel the Dodgers are better, but the Giants “believe” they are better. And, they have the hardware to back-up the argument.

Fifth, Don Mattingly continues to befuddle. As supportive as I am of the Dodgers skipper, his decisions are sometimes mind-boggling. Leaving Josh Beckett in the game in the 5th was a head-scratcher. He presumably left Beckett in the game because he wanted his veteran right-hander to be eligible for the win. I saw Tommy Lasorda do that once with Fernando Valenzuela, with the emphasis on ONCE. When you are sentimental about individual players and their stats in this “team” game it will always back-fire on you. Mattingly needs to think team before Beckett’s win numbers. I didn’t like the move leaving an obviously tiring Beckett with the bags drunk.

Sixth, What do we do with Brandon League?  Clearly his confidence is shot. As down as the Dodger fan base is on League, I am not one of them. While I don’t like the results, virtually every time he takes the mound, his stuff is ridiculous. We always hear that organizations have more patience with a guy who has good “stuff” and we are seeing it with League. He has a power sinker, throws a nasty heavy ball, his ball runs and sinks but he just can’t locate. And, right now that is a major problem. I hate sending Paco Rodriguez down to the minors because of finances, but that is what we are having to do. At some point, the Dodgers are going to have to pay League to go away if he can’t get anyone out. The game of baseball doesn’t care how much money you make if you can’t get hitters out consistently.

Seventh, if I hear a Giant fan complain about Dodger fans leaving early again I am going to hurl. Did you see how empty AT & T was last night at the end of the 12-inning game with the Giants. I would say half of the 42 thousand were still there. It’s the biggest misnomer that Dodger fans leave early on a more consistent basis then other fan bases. It’s malarkey. Last night for the umpteenth time we saw the visual evidence.

Enjoy Giants/Dodgers tonight !