Giants ENERGY tough to beat

The San Francisco Giants have an energy and momentum right now that is palpable. We usually only hear of physicists or new-age gurus that talk about the actual weight and physical presence of energy. Quantum physics are two scary words for the uninitiated…..but, right now its really the only thing that describes the “feel” around the Giants right now.

The Giants energy is tangible.

Right now the baseball Giants are a collection of molecules operating in a synchronized fashion at a level of perfection rarely seen in sport on the team level. We see specific players get in a zone. Rarely, if ever, do we see TEAMS get in a zone. We are talking about 25 guys….ALL playing at their apex.

I watch a lot of baseball. It’s basically my love. Its one of my true loves. Whether I am watching a tee ball game, high school, Legion ball or the big leaguers….its what envelopes me. I have seen a lot of outstanding baseball performances in my day…..The Giants of RIGHT NOW and the Red Sox run of 2004, are the only times I have felt that there was something bigger than sport taking place.

The Giants are a confluence of energy, passion, talent, determination and joy…..its a wave…..and we are all being carried along in its journey


Giants get last laugh in latest chapter in Dodger/Giant rivalry

Dodgers and Giants is synonymous with Hatfields and McCoys. Its been a rivalry for more than 100 years. Its storied, bitter and passion-filled. And, rarely does it leave both fan bases happy at the end of a season. In 1951 it was the Giants winning 37 of the final 44 to erase a 13.5 game deficit and win the NL Pennant on Bobby Thomson’s SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD

In 1962, the Dodgers and Giants played a three-game playoff again. This time the Giants scored four runs in the top of the 9th inning of the decisive third game to beat the Dodgers 6-4, dealing the Dodgers a memorable defeat during their hey-day.

In 1982, it was Joe Morgan hitting a three-run home run off of Terry Forster giving the Giants a 5-2 lead in a game the Dodgers had to win to force a one-game playoff with the Atlanta Braves. It was crippling blow as the Dodgers were looking to repeat as World Series champions.

In 1993, the Dodgers repaid the favor. as the Dodgers were rebuilding, the Giants were on their way to magical finish. Having won 103 games entering the final day of the 1993 season, the Dodgers would trounce the Giants 12-1 ending their season and giving the title to the Atlanta Braves.

In 2004, Steve Finley would hit a walk-off grand-slam on the next to last day of the season. The slam would give the Dodgers the division and would eliminate the Giants in a walk-off at Dodger Stadium.

And now, 2012 gets its place in the pantheon of great rivalry moments. The Giants were in, and the Dodgers needed a win to force a decisive 162nd game of the season……but the Giants up-end the Dodgers 4-3 in a thriler from Dodger Stadium last night.

In a rivalry of last laughs…..The Giants got it last night. The proverbial cherry on top of the 2012 season. They are National League West winners and they eliminated their hated rivals. Today is a good day to be a Giant


Did Bobcats learn their lesson ?

It doesn’t matter who you are playing, where you are playing them, and how fatigued or mentally tired you may be. If you don’t bring 100 percent effort and mental focus into a game, don’t expect to win.

That was message being delivered by Paradise Bobcat coaches after their near meltdown at Sonora two weeks ago. The Bobcats led 27-7 against Sonora with 10:55 to go in the 4th quarter. And, even though the Bobcats had dominated the game to that point, it wasn’t a clean game. They weren’t sharp.

Sonora took advantage of this with quick touchdown drives and some mental mistakes by the Bobcats to take a 28-27 lead with :44 seconds left. Thankfully, for Paradise, Johnny Porter came to the rescue. His 86 yard kick-off return with some nifty blocking up front rescued the game and gave Paradise a 33-28 win.

The question entering tonight’s game…..Have the Bobcats learned their lesson ?

Aaron Rodgers reaches his breaking point

Chico’s Aaron Rodgers has handled the media expertly in his tenure as a professional athlete. It has made Chicoans proud to say, “Yeah, he is from my hometown….he is class personified.” For four seasons Brett Favre treated him as a nuisance rather than a teammate, yet nary a peep from Rodgers. He is the master of saying a lot, without saying anything inflammatory at all…..I believe he has handled the media with aplomb. But, every person, every athlete has their breaking point.

Monday night was that point.

Rodgers went on his weekly radio show in Milwaukee on Tuesday and took the NFL to task. He first apologized to the fans because “the NFL won’t do it.” Second, he showed support for the locked out officials and then he threw a hay-maker at the NFL again. He said NFL leaders care more about cash than they do about player safety and the integrity of the game.

They were some pointed comments and I believe necessary comments in the wake of the replacement official debacle we are now experiencing. Rodgers again making Chico fans proud, this time by saying the things that NEED to be said, and doing it in true classy Rodgers fashion.

Hey Mr. Referee, I appreciate you !

It will be a love-fest ladies and gentleman. Never before have professional officials been as appreciated as they are at THIS VERY MOMENT. After watching replacements try and do the job for the first weeks of the NFL season, I believe fans will have a better appreciation for what the pros do. Sure, they are not always perfect, and like all of us, they have their bad days. But, it can not be disputed that they are the best out there, and they help make the product what it is.


I am sure this appreciation will last about five minutes or until the first ref calls a brutal pass interference call and then we will boo the ref, scream “bring back the replacements,” and forget about them all together. But, in the mean-time, lets bask in the referee appreciation mode and be thankful we will have quality officials for America’s most popular sport.

Question marks abound with Giants playoff rotation

Should this guy even get a start in the San Francisco Giants Divisional Playoff ? KPAY’s Mike Baca looks at the decisions facing the Giants in their playoff rotation in today’s BitOBaca