Tonight, all Dodger Family business gets settled

It’s the day Dodgers fans have been waiting 29 years to experience.

It’s a day we have dreamed about, thought about, hoped for, believed would happen only to be disappointed.

It’s the day we have longed for as we reminisced about past glory.


If watching our arch-rival Giants win three titles wasn’t bad enough, coming excruciating close to winning pennants and playoff series’ has been worse. But, tonight all past debts get paid. Tonight our Dodgers play in the game that can erase the 29 years of bitter disappointment.

Tonight is the night we engross ourselves in a team that has become a part of us, part of our family. A 104-win juggernaut that has taken us on a six-month wonder ride. Tonight we march in lock-step with this greatest of Dodger teams and capture championship number 7.

Tonight we leave the residue of the past behind.



Tonight all Dodger family business gets settled……

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