Every athlete should be offended by Donald Trump

As a professional sports broadcaster covering professional, collegiate and high school sports for more than 25 years I take a great exception to Donald Trump’s characterization that his repulsive comments about women are simply “locker room” banter.

I have been in locker rooms where athletes knew who I was and may have been careful about what they were saying. I have been in locker rooms where the athletes didn’t know who I was and discussed all matters unfiltered. Without a doubt the language can get salty but I have NEVER in thousands of instances  ever heard an athlete brag about sexually assaulting a woman. In fact, if such a discussion ever took place I do not doubt that athlete would be confronted by his teammates and either turned in or ostracized by his mates.

Unlike Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President, 99.9 percent of society doesn’t find sexual assault as something that should be glamorized and “bragged about.” I am not sure what kind of alternate reality Trump and his minions operate in but locker-rooms are not filled with a den of vipers looking to denigrate and assault women. Every athlete should take great exception to a man who professes to know what takes place in a locker-room and act as if it is common-place where assaulting and marginalizing women is tolerated and accepted behavior.

When he said, “locker-room” banter I seethed. What the hell are you talking about ? What kind of locker rooms are you going to ? Certainly not where any “real” athletes hang out.

I want to make it clear. Locker-room language can get salty. It can get pretty damn male. But, bragging about sexually assaulting women and athletes forcing themselves on women?…..that does not happen.

Don’t let this Trump lie become ingrained in your consciousness as truth.

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