New found love for CCAA Tournament….

Sometimes out of a necessity you embrace something that has been seen as a hindrance or speed bump to your overall success. We see it all the time in every walk of life. How many times has a conservative complained about big government Medicare and prescription drug benefits, only to tout the programs when they desperately need them. Necessity breeds understanding.

This is where the Chico State Wildcats baseball program  is today. Embracing the CCAA Tournament as their sole life line to the NCAA West Region Championship tournament. Historically this early post-season confluence of conference foes was a pre-cursor and tune-up for the big prize, the regional. Nothing could be further from the truth this week.

The CCAA Championships is the Wildcats nadir. Their regional hopes ride on their performance over the next four days . I know it. They know it.

I will spare the Wildcat faithful the insidious numbers since April 3rd. I would rather focus on when this team was a dynamic offensive machine hitting nearly .340 as a club with an on base percentage hovering near .420. Sitting at 22-6 on the night of April 2nd in San Marcos, I never thought they would be in this position.

Several years ago after a change in Wildcat fortunes I said, “baseball is a fickle mistress.” She has never been so downright audacious.

There is no diminishing the conference tournament today in Wildcat land. It is Chico’s lifeline to more baseball next week. I saw this team perform with machine-like efficiency for two months, its time to recapture the magic.

For 20 years Chico State baseball has been about performing when the lights shine the brightest, they are shining. I fully expect them to rise to the occasion

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