Strength in Numbers will be tested without Curry

So now we know. The defending and most likely two-time MVP Steph Curry will miss AT LEAST the next two weeks with a sprained right medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

The rallying cry for the Golden State Warriors for the last two seasons has been “Strength in Numbers.” All along the Warriors have embraced their greatest strength, incredible depth. That depth will be tested with the loss of the best player in the NBA.

During this great run by the Dubs they have never used injuries, match-ups for a poor performance and they are not about to start now. As Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green said after Sunday’s win over the woeful Houston Rockets, the Warriors were assembled and built for THIS. THIS doesn’t mean the post-season, THIS means “next man up.” Just because the doubters are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches sensing a meal, the Warriors will not yield.

Only Warriors lifers could see the look in the eyes of their team in the 3rd quarter on Sunday. The Dubs relished the opportunity to pick-up their mate bring home a victory. The Warriors weren’t going to let the guy who has meant so much to them down in a game that had that ominous feeling. Green knocked down three straight three’s and taunted the Houston crowd. Iguodala left the fish-hook follow through on his trifecta and Klay Thompson held up the double “3” sign with a furrowed brow as the Warriors blew the Rockets out of their own building. These dudes are a different breed, been there done that.

So, as teams salivate at the chance to take a bite out of the Warriors, this group sees more doubters and chance to shut even more people up. The Warriors should beat the hapless Rockets. If indeed they meet the Clippers in the second round it would be epic match-up between the newly engaged antagonists.

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