It’s not hard to understand; Trump supporters are not our best and brightest

I am going to try to refrain from name-calling and belittling, but just being honest here, it is going to be really really tough.

Far be it from me to be the guy that casts aspersions on people who are out-spoken in their support of a political candidate. During my maturation process I have made several verbal mis-steps that I sincerely regret. In looking back I can say I was immature and my worldview was quite narrow. As I’ve grown into adult-hood I now see the value in critically thinking about all things. I try to take emotion out of any political stand, which has landed me firmly in the Libertarian camp. Not saying it’s right for everyone, but I know it’s right for me. The beauty is that I am not led by party affiliation. If it’s a good idea, if it makes sense, I will support it.

With soul-searching, study, research and truly understanding issues I have come to the conclusion through intense critical analysis that this is the best path for me. This brings me to the case that is Donald Trump.

His popularity and emergence is one of the great phenomenons in the history of politics. I understand how mad and angry people are at the status quo and our leaders. I totally get it. But people who support Trump actually believe that his dictatorial style will play if he ever won the presidency. He is outlandish and unconventional while also being simplistic and rude. He is fiery and firm convincing his followers his word is sacrosanct, yet he can not explain in detail one of his policies is on record for flip-flopping on dozens of policy matters. He has yet to explain in a comprehensive believable fashion how he would pay for the southern border Trump Wall ( no Mexico will not and does not have to pay for it,) for his revamped universal health care package, or his insidious protectionist trade deals that are worse than California’s 15 dollar an hour minimum wage.

His style is crass and it only appeals to the deepest fears in each of us. I found it very difficult to take him seriously when he first starting running for president, I actually thought it was some kind of  conspiratorial move to ensure that Hillary got elected.  But, the more divisive he became the more popular he became. A popular phrase among his supporters is, “he says what he thinks, and I like that.” You know who also says what they think ? 4 year-old children or 92 year-old seniors with early on-set dementia. Saying what you think and offending people is not a trait, it’s a lack of self-control that needs to be quelled. It is not dignified, it’s embarrassing. It’s juvenile and not representative of the great country we live in.

Deep in my soul I can’t believe Trump actually wants to become president. From insulting entire ethnicities of people, to lacking any comprehension of how true leadership works in a Democratic Republic, to ruling in a “it’s a my way or the highway” fashion. I don’t believe Trump wants to be president. I believe it has to do in part with the edification of his enormous ego. Yet, lo’ and behold, here we sit, with Donald Trump leading a major ticket for president.  How is this happening ?

Well, here is my hypothesis. Trump supporters are suffering from some internal synapse  meltdown which prevents them from critically analyzing a situation to completion. To put it in language that they might be able to understand, it’s as if a part of their brains have actually turned off. They have been caught off-guard by the bright shiny object in the mirror. They have wrapped their arms around what is convenient, the big TV reality star, and they can’t use deductive reasoning to actually “think” straight. They have been blinded by their disgust, hate, disappointment and disillusionment from all politicians, so they are supporting what is simple and feeble minded. In fact, supporting Trump doesn’t take a lot of effort. Since their candidate is short on details, so are they.

It doesn’t take much brain power or smarts to understand what Trump is selling. He is not that complicated. He is a simple man. We all lead such chaotic lives none of us wants to have to break down policy or seek out the details. Trump treats politics as a 4th grade teacher treats sentence structure. “Give me the who, what, where and how in two sentences. No details, no adjectives or adverbs.”

So there it is. An electorate that has been mesmerized by a screaming carnival barking psychopath with an inability to rationalize, critically analyze, decipher or reason. I am not saying Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Hillary or Bernie Sanders are all that appealing, but they aren’t dangerous. It’s time for the adults to grab a hold of the wheel. The time for the simplistic neophytes is over


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