Warriors on a Seek and Destroy Mission

The ammunition was provided and the Golden State Warriors have spent the first five weeks of the season emptying the chambers.  With 18 straight wins the Dubs as they are affectionately known by their loyalists are the toasts of the Association.

Cartridges of ammo were provided by Doc Rivers and the Clippers who “inferred” the Warriors were lucky on their road to an NBA title. While there didn’t appear to be any malicious venom behind Doc’s comments, the Warriors have used those words to fuel their record setting 18-0 run.

James Harden “inferred” that he was the true MVP of the league. So far this season has been a colossal disaster for Harden and his Houston Rockets mates.

The Cleveland Cavaliers incessantly stated that THEY would be NBA Champions if they didn’t suffer debilitating injuries to both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving during last year’s playoff run.

Its been a whole lotta woulda, coulda, shoulda for teams not named the Dubs.

I believe every single team in every single team sport has to have a fair amount of luck on their road to a championship. Every team needs to have “some” luck to stay healthy. In my mind it’s a given. It’s not something that teams, coaches or players should dwell on. It just makes you seem bitter. Whether Rivers meant to poke the hornet’s nest or not, it served it’s purpose for the Warriors. The Dubs felt slighted. In their world, champions should be respected whether you like them or not. If you don’t respect what we did, to hell with you. They have unleashed a fury on the rest of the league that has seen them win 18 straight games by an average of nearly 15 points a game.

While the Warriors embraced the chase toward the streak, they need to be careful to not lose sight of what the true goal of this 2015-2016 campaign is. The streak is nice but championships are eternal. The Dubs are not only chasing their place in history but they also fight the label of being a “one hit wonder.” Never more in recent history has an NBA champion received so much derisive criticism over their excellence.

As the NBA is learning, criticize at your own peril. The Warriors seem to be on a mission to shut-up the nay-sayers and embarrass the doubters.

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