Being a Dodgers FAN doesn’t mean I have to blindly believe


Being a Los Angeles Dodgers fan does not mean I have to blindly believe this team is championship quality. Some believe that fans should just root for their team, believe in the front office and management and enjoy the game. Well, that is not how I am wired. I used to be wired that way, but in case you haven’t noticed our biggest rivals are running circles around us in terms of pennants and World Series titles.

As I watch another game that the Dodgers fritter away I am perplexed by this undying blind adoration and complete acceptance of a 270 million dollar team that has nothing but flaws all around the diamond. Yet, those that profess this team is championship quality keep believing that this team is better than the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals.

They aren’t

The Dodgers are 2-7 versus the Giants and 2-5 against the Cardinals. One clear thing those teams have that the Dodgers don’t have, TOUGHNESS. The Dodgers are just a mentally weak ball club. It’s funny listening to other Dodgers fans who think this team is “BUILT” for a championship. Are you kidding ? The Dodgers have three effective pitchers, Kershaw, Greinke and Jansen. The back-end of their rotation is horrific, and it was terrible before McCarthy got hurt. Their bullpen is a collection of washed up infielders converted into pitchers, and left-handed thumbers that General Manager Andrew Friedman believed would work out. What a colossal miscalculation.

The Dodgers hit a lot of home runs, but that doesn’t mean anything when you can’t generate runs using small ball. In the playoffs you score runs by piecing hits and situational outs together to score runs against superior pitching. The Dodgers simply can not manufacture enough runs consistently. That is not conjecture, that is fact. The Dodgers have scored the highest amount of runs in baseball via the home run, the fewest runs in baseball by simple base hits or sacrifice flies.

Throw in the fact that their manager is not a master tactician and this team has all the makings of an 85-90 win team that loses once again in the first round of the playoffs. Now, if that’s OK with you Dodger faithful, have at it and enjoy the show. But, if you are like me and are getting sick of watching the Giants have  parades while we keep watching Kirk Gibson’s home run from 27 years ago, then let’s have some honest dialogue about how this team can get better and be a championship quality team.

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