Why the timing of Manny Pacquiao injury….matters


If Manny Pacquiao entered the ring with a torn rotator cuff and that injury was not disclosed to the public before the fight than boxing has another shiner.

News that the billed “Fight of the Century” may have been a fraud is resonating in the sports world today. Yesterday Pacquiao’s camp disclosed that the Phillipine-born fighter will need surgery to repair a badly torn rotator cuff and will need 9-12 months of recovery.

Pacquiao said after his 12-round loss to Floyd Mayweather that he had an injured shoulder and asked to take a pain-killer before his scheduled bout. The Nevada Gaming Commission refused to allow him to take the pain-killer and the result was an ineffective Pacquiao that was schooled by the undefeated Mayweather. My contention isn’t that Manny would have won the fight had he been allowed to take the pain killer. No, instead my contention is that a massive fraud was perpetrated on the buying public, believing that these two fighters were healthy and at the top of their games. If this injury was known before the bout, it should have been disclosed.

The reasons for not disclosing are many. First, a fight of this magnitude and with the unconscionable wait (5 years) that both fighters put the public through would have been a massive let-down.

Two, the promotion of the fight had become an entity unto itself. Power players in business, real estate, sports and politics had made plans surrounding THIS fight. To cancel at such a late date would have taken the steam out of a rescheduling of the fight.

Three, there is not a guarantee that Floyd Mayweather was going to fight after such a long lay-off. But, with that said, early this morning Mayweather sent a text to his media lackey Stephen A. Smith and said that he is willing to give Pacquiao a re-match once he fully heals from his shoulder surgery. This is an amazing about-face, but an understandable one.

Mayweather doesn’t want this win tainted in any way. He doesn’t mind people ripping on his style and his points oriented way of winning fights. That is the nature of the fight game and the criticisms it will draw. What Floyd does not want is this win being diminished in any way. Pacquiao’s injury diminishes the win. There is no doubt about it. Regardless of what you think about Mayweather’s personal failings, there is no argument when it comes to his boxing prowess. Of his 48 wins this was his biggest. This proved to the boxing and sports enthusiasts that he was the best pound-for-pound boxer of his time. The Pacquiao injury changes that because many will feel Floyd beat up and out-pointed and outmaneuvered an injured fighter. He will want the re-match as much as Pacquiao wants it.

The elephant in the room is the sanctions that Pacquiao could draw because he didn’t disclose his torn rotator cuff. How many people would have doled out 99.99 for a fight involving a guy who had a shredded shoulder. Not many…..

So, as we wait for possible sanctions against Manny, and as we wait for his shoulder to be repaired. Get ready for the promotion of Manny/Mayweather II

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