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Hard to understand Dodgers recent signings

Less than a week ago I heard the outrage from Dodgers fans as Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon were sent packing. It was part of the master diabolical plan being instituted by the new regime. Kemp dealt for an injured catcher, two prospects  and salary relief. Gordon  dealt for three prospects and a relief pitcher. I could make sense of these moves. I understood the end-game. Their most recent moves are tough to rationalize.

Eyes rolled when the Dodgers signed Brandon McCarthy to a four-year 48 million dollar deal. McCarthy had a solid second half in 2014 with the Yankees going 7-5 with an ERA under 3. But, his injury history is worrisome and leaves one to wonder what that contract will look like in 2016 and beyond. If you thought the McCarthy deal was bad, well you haven’t seen anything yet. Today the Dodgers signed left-hander Brett Anderson to a one year 10 million dollar contract. If Anderson pitches more than 200 innings he will get an extra 4 million dollars. 4 million or 400 million it doesn’t matter, Anderson will not throw more than 200 innings. Anderson has thrown 123 innings over the last three years. For you math majors he is averaging 41 innings pitched a year over the last three years. 10 million FOR THAT ?

Unless Mister Miyagi is going to slap those hands together and heal this dude the Dodgers just won the award for the worst free agent signing in the 2014 off season.

I thought when the Dodgers dealt Kemp they were clearing salary for a run at Cole Hamels or Max Scherzer. It made sense to build a legendary starting rotation and maybe add an arm or two in the pen. Throw in a healthy Chris Withrow and the Dodgers pitching staff would be nasty. I could actually live with McCarthy being an over-paid 5th starter. What the Anderson deal tells me is that the Dodgers are telling the baseball world, “we’re good, we don’t need Hamels or Scherzer.” I am here to tell them that if they don’t need Hamels or Scherzer, the rotation as constructed is not good enough, especially with the bullpen they have right now. The end-game was clear after the Kemp and Gordon deals, now the end-game has turned into a head scratching game of mix-and-match. Think about this one. The Dodgers will spend 22 million dollars next year on McCarthy and Anderson. They could have Hamels for 24 million or Scherzer for 25-to-27. I am all for getting multiple players that can help, but there is a big question on whether McCarthy and Anderson will even be able to suit up.

Friedman and Zaidi profess they are buying wins, not players. I fail to understand how buying oft-injured hurlers McCarthy and Anderson makes sense over signing a Scherzer or trading for a Hamels.


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