Heaving Orange and Black


The apocalypse is here. The unthinkable has happened. The San Francisco Giants have won their third World Championship in five seasons stamping their place in baseball lore as a dynasty with one of the greatest runs in professional sports.

The taste for those of us that bleed Dodger Blue is beyond bitter. In fact you can make the argument that this title for the Hated Ones is the worst of all. The Giants organization, which was seen as a playful nuisance by most Dodgers fans until 2010, have now put a firm grasp on their greatness over the last five years. All while the Dodgers languish in mediocrity with over-paid players that don’t perform when it matters the most.

The Giants are a dynasty. The Dodgers are under-achievers. The Giants play the game the right way. The Dodgers play a game that disgusts me. The Giants pay attention to detail. The Dodgers think big names in big lights will breed a winner. The Giants like getting their hands and uniforms dirty. The Dodgers refuse to slide out of fear of a high cleaning bill.

If not for my love of the Dodgers that was bred early in my life, there would be NOTHING to like about this team. They are the anti-thesis of the Giants. The Dodgers are un-clutch, cower under the pressure and play their worst and most tentative on the biggest of stages. The Giants rise to the occasion when the pressure is greatest.

Being a Dodger-loving Northern Californian is a difficult endeavor. My mouth has been passing checks for the past 20 years that are now being cashed en masse. I can’t really blame  their taunts. I laid it on thick for all those years they were chasing the dream. Now that the script has flipped,  the endless harangue from a group that is drunk in victory, is almost too much. I know they are there. Enjoy the fruits, I will not be a party to it. Let them celebrate amongst themselves. I don’t want to hear it, see it, think about it or be near it. It disgusts me on the deepest of levels.

4 pennants and 3 World Series championships while the Dodgers wallow. It’s almost too much to take

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