Warriors have to PAY KLAY…

I am a bit confused why the Golden State Warriors are haggling over a few million dollars a year in negotiations with shooting guard Klay Thompson.

The Warriors were in hot pursuit of Kevin Love and were close to a deal but when the Minnesota Timberwolves requested Klay Thompson to be part of the trade the Warriors balked.  There appeared to be a split among the Warriors brass with ownership wanting to make the trade. New head coach Steve Kerr and the venerable LOGO himself Jerry West were against the trade. For six weeks there were rumblings, but with Minnesota refusing to budge from their Klay desires the deal fell through.

Fast forward to the present and the Warriors and Thompson’s representatives are haggling over contract terms. Broadcast reports indicate both sides are roughly 2-to-3 million dollars a year apart. Thompson’s representatives are asking for 15 million dollars a year in multi-year deal, while the Warriors are in the 12-to-13 million a year neighborhood.

Both sides are saying the right things and I don’t think its going to be a distraction for the sharp-shooting guard. Klay says he wants to stay. The Warriors say Klay is part of their future and his teammates say he is vital to their success.

From my seat the Warriors have no leverage. They had a chance at Kevin Love but deemed the deal too costly and now will have to pay Thompson. So, why are they spinning their wheels and dragging this out when eventually they will meet his asking price, or close to it and get the deal done.

Warriors fans should  be thankful we have an owner who cares as much as Joe Lacob, but he does have that meddle-some Jerry Jones quality that can be un-nerving. This has Lacob written all over it.

Hey Joe, you have shown your cards. You are not going to let Klay walk. Listen to the LOGO and your new head coach. Pay Klay and let’s move on.



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