Dodger lineup

The Dodgers: Not shaken, not stirred


The Dodgers give their supporters plenty to worry about. With their shaky defense, leaky bullpen and inability to hit with the bases loaded the team continues to back themselves into corners. Well, they have done it again.

Last night’s 9-0 drubbing at the hands of their arch-rivals signified the ultimate “GAME ON” moment in the National League West. The San Francisco Giants two month collapse from June 10th to mid-August is a distant memory and now they are charging……HARD.

But, the Dodgers have shown they have some inner toughness this year. They were a mediocre team for much of the year and have had to really grind to sit on top of the NL West. The Giants haven’t cornered the market on toughness as their supporters would leave you to believe. Entering the final two games of this three game series the Dodgers are still in great shape. Yes, not good, GREAT. The Dodgers will pack the best one-two punch in baseball on the bump the next couple of days. Zack Greinke gets the ball tonight against Tim Hudson, while Jesus Christ himself, Clayton Kershaw takes to the mound tomorrow.  The Dodgers could lose tonight and still leave San Francisco in first place on Sunday night.

No need to fret Dodgers fans. The race has tightened and the Giants are no push-over. But the Dodgers, despite all of their ills, are still in first place and they have two of the best pitchers in baseball in their hip-pocket.

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