Beat Seattle ? Not Gonna Happen

Last night the Seattle Seahawks raised the 2013 championship banner, and unless my eyes are deceiving me, I expect them to raise another one next year.

That was an over-whelming performance against a very good Green Bay Packers team. I know its only the first game of what will be a long season, but the Seahawks look even better than they did last year. Why are they better ? Well, let’s start at quarterback.

Russell Wilson is not some game manager as some led you to believe last year. Wilson is emerging as a multi-faceted star. I love his decision-making skills as the leader of the offense. We rarely see him make a bad decision when it comes to threading a needle, or putting his head down and running. Many QB’s never learn this lesson. They try to do too much. They force the issue. Wilson epitomizes the “letting the game come to him” mantra.

Oh man, THAT Seattle defense is something vicious. They have speed, speed and more speed. That Seattle defense is mean. Straight up mean. They are always in full attack mode. They never sit back, they never wait for the action to come to them. They are always advancing and never allow offenses to find a comfort zone. If people thought there would be some drop-off or ambivalence in the wake of their Super Bowl championship……Nope.

Aaron Rodgers may be the best quarterback in the NFL. You know how many  times he tried to challenge Richard Sherman last night ? ZERO ZIP ZILTCH NADA. Rodgers didn’t throw one pass Sherman’s way. I believe Rodgers may have wanted to test Sherman, but he just didn’t have time on his check-downs. That brings me to the unsung heroes on this Seahawks squad. Seattle’s pass rush is unrelenting. They do not allow quarterbacks time to go through  their progressions. So, while Sherman and Cam Chancellor get all the press, Seattle’s interior line makes it happen with their speed and menacing brute strength on the ball.

Seattle was a Super Bowl contender before last night. But, with the spry and rested Marshawn Lynch (sat out most of pre-season,) serviceable offensive reserves, and a full season of Percy Harvin. Oh hell, as Dennis Green would say, “you wanna crown their ass, then crown their ass !” LOL

Weaknesses ? The loss of Golden Tate is the only weakness I see on this squad. Tate was a dependable returner. Seattle will miss him. But, in the grand scheme of things, this team is as complete as any team in the league.

The great equalizer in the NFL is injuries. If the bug hits the Seahawks then they could come back down to earth. The league isn’t going to catch the Seahawks. If Seattle fails, they will be complicit in their own failure.

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