Browns’ Haslam clueless when it comes to Manziel


It is so incredible watching my beloved Cleveland Browns screw up this Johnny Manziel court-ship. lt seems inevitable that this will not work.  The Browns are unhappy the guy is partying ? Owner Jimmy Haslam is surprised at the amount of partying by Manziel ? Browns have demoted Manziel to second-team after two practices ? Browns making him change his cleats on a daily basis as he saunters onto the field in neon cleats ?

Sit back and enjoy the train-wreck folks…..the train-wreck not being the 20-something precocious QB, but the franchise that drafted him. It hurts to say this because I truly do love the Browns and everything to do with Dawg Pound, but I find it nearly impossible for a franchise to be completely oblivious to the off-field activities of such a lightning-rod type of player in Johnny Manziel. Did the Browns think he would suddenly stop going to Vegas ? Did they not know who he was? Did their front office brass not pay attention to the last two years of college football ?

The rumor on draft day was that owner Jimmy Haslam was told by a homeless guy to draft Manziel. While it made a cute little story I am now starting to believe it. How can someone be so detached from football reality as Haslam. Yeah, I know his Flying J service stations were just fined 92 million dollars for gouging the faithful paying customer, but how does he not know. He said recently, “we expect better of Johnny.” Huh ? Really ? Personally as a Browns fan he should be happy we are all keeping tabs on Manziel’s social calendar. It takes the attention away from the horrid performance of this franchise since they came back to the league in 1999.

New head coach Mike Pettine has been tempered in his comments regarding Manziel, but GM Ray Farmer continues to elucidate on the professionalism of QB Brian Hoyer, who is in direct competition with Manziel.

This is not a pro-Manziel column. I am just amazed at how blind-sided the Browns appear with the Manziel circus enveloping Browns camp. How could they not see this coming ? And, if they didn’t, what were they thinking ?

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