49ers jump the gun on Kaepernick contract

I am not really sure why the San Francisco 49ers felt the need to pay Colin Kaepernick a record-setting deal. While Kaepernick holds great promise and could be one of the best in the game someday, he is not there yet.

The 49ers rewarded Kaepernick with a 6-year and 126 million dollar contract with 61 millon guaranteed dollars. This is the largest guarantee in NFL history. We know why Kap and his agents jumped at this deal, the question is why the 49ers offered it.

If the 49ers play it out, and let Kaepernick play under his rookie deal he would make 1 million dollars next year. Even after the 2014 campaign, if the 49ers didn’t want to pay Kap, they wouldn’t have had to. They could have franchised Kaepernick for between 18-20 million dollars. So, instead of paying him an average of 10 million over the next two-year, the 49ers opted to pay him 42 million over those two years. Why ???

Well, in this age of sensitive athletes they may have felt it was a good move to keep the face of their franchise happy. They may feel it’s good to lock him up now before he actually wins a Super Bowl. If Kap were to lead the Niners to a championship would he ask for 25-30 million annually ? Maybe.

It just seems a bit odd that a team as financially savvy as the 49ers would opt to pay Kaepernick when the collective bargaining agreement dictates they could sit on their hands and wait for him to produce.

It also is a bit perplexing they would pay him when his character has come into question this off-season. While he isn’t being charged with a crime, he certainly needs to show better judgement than his run-in with an ex-girlfriend in Miami several weeks ago. When you are the face of a  storied franchise you can not put yourself in questionable social circumstances.

In the end this could turn out to be a great deal for the 49ers. An exciting, athletic quarterback who dazzles the fans and brings his unique skill set to the field each Sunday.

Why the 49ers opted to pay him max dollars two years before they had to is beyond me…..

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