Sterling Fiasco opens door for Dubs

This Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers playoff series has turned from a captivating match-up between  two historically down-trodden organizations,  into a sad tale of horse-and-buggy thinking by an out of touch delusional old codger owner in Donald Sterling.

While the NBA considers its punishment, which is expected to be as severe as they can muster, considering the 72-hour window, the Warriors must keep one thing in mind.  Go for the jugular.

While we all empathize with the Clippers players, fans and organization for having such a dastardly character run your franchise, the Dubs can not have any touch of mercy for the Clippers. The Clips are a team in turmoil. The Warriors need to take advantage of that turmoil and attack Los Angeles. The Dubs need to take full advantage of how torn the Clipper core has become. I have no doubt the Clips may get a burst of energy from their home crowd, but when the passions die down, I have to believe a little of the fight has left the souls of the Clippers players. If indeed the Warriors see an opening they need to pick up on that and go in for the kill.

The playoffs are business. And, while the Warriors players can certainly feel for the plight of the Clippers franchise in the here-and-now they must recognize the preciousness of the opportunity in front of them and show no mercy for the Clippers. It’s winning time for the Dubs, and they need to enter this game with a solitary focus of getting this win against a team that may have bigger fish to fry.

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