Losing Bogut is crippling for Dubs

That sinking feeling when you see the ship sail away without you on it.  That is the feeling Golden State Warriors fans have right now after learning that center Andrew Bogut will be lost for several weeks, possibly the rest of the season with a broken rib.

The injury was sustained in the game against the Denver Nuggets last week. it was aggravated in last night’s game in Portland when Bogut was hit in the ribs and he felt it bite him. After an MRI, the broken rib was seen to be close to his lung. Bogut told media members today that if he is hit in an awkward fashion, the broken rib could puncture the lung making it dangerous for him to play the rest of the regular season and into the playoffs.

This is a crippling blow for the Dubs who rely on Bogut to patrol the paint and be their defensive enforcer. Bogut’s size, girth and menacing style of play has given the Warriors a defensive identity when the game slows, as it always does in the post-season. Bogut’s ability to block shots and rotate on the back-side defensively is as important for Warriors’ success from three-point land. In short, he just can’t be replaced. In the Game 6 of the Warriors first round clinching win against Denver last year Bogut scored 14 points had 21 rebounds and 4 blocked shots. There is no way the Dubs knock off Denver without his presence.

I quake thinking of the damage Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan will do without Bogut’s presence. We also can’t forget Chris Paul’s ability to penetrate and get to the rim. Who will stop him now ? Who will dissuade him from attacking ? Marreese Speights ?

I want to believe. I want to hope. My heart tells me “yes” but my head says “no.”

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