Baseball replay is working; except for Giants


We have our first complaint about the new replay system for Major League Baseball and it comes from the San Francisco Giants. On Tuesday night the Giants challenged a pick-off play at first base thinking they had just nabbed A.J. Pollack, only to be told the replay was inconclusive.

Later in the inning Pollack  was called safe at home plate when he was clearly out. Since the Giants had used their lone challenge, they were not allowed to challenge the run scoring play at the plate. Giants writers and fans are crying foul saying the system didn’t work.  While there are elements to the system that need to be tweaked I suggest the Giants brass look at themselves rather than rip the replay system.

This replay system is not designed for managers and coaches to challenge frivolous plays. If you do challenge, you BETTER BE RIGHT. Because is you aren’t, you lose your challenge for the rest of the game. For the Giants the problem lies in the fact that they challenged a play that was too close to clearly see whether the runner was safe or out. Arguments could have been made for both calls. This play was baseball’s version of a frivolous lawsuit. And, if you file a frivolous lawsuit you should expect to get the case thrown out. In this case, it came back to bite San Francisco as Pollack’s run ended up being the winning run and the Giants lost a one run game.

Hopefully for the Giants it’s lesson learned. Be judicious when challenging plays. You can’t just challenge a play when it’s close, you need to be sure when you using your challenge. I am sure the Giants are taking note and will make the adjustment.

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