Love What You Do…

I truly love my job. I am not talking about a strong like. This is a strong, constant love of task that invigorates me everyday.

I am not gonna lie there are some specifics that are not appealing about working in radio and play-by-play. Most of those have to do with everything not associated to the actual broadcasting of the game.

Office politics bugs me, frugality bugs me, engineer-speak bugs me, broken equipment bugs me, lack of clarity bugs me. But, when you get right down to it, the actual job is about as great as it  gets.

For seven months I travel with the Chico State basketball and baseball teams. During those months I love and die with these teams. Wins bring joy, loss brings despair, but deep down there is this personal fulfillment that is intoxicating. Call it adrenaline, call it my drug but I love going on this journey with teams as they search for that perfect performance and that perfect game.

As I sit in an airport headed for So-Cal for the start of March Madness there is great clarity in what moves me. Passion for sport, the competition, the stories and the people. It all makes for a wonderful journey that makes my life pretty great.

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