Warriors acquire Steve Blake from LakeShow


The Golden State Warriors are not joking when they say they want to improve their bench as they prepare to make a run in the Western Conference. As the trade deadline approaches the Dubs have traded fan-favorite Ken Bazemore and MarShon Brooks for veteran point guard Steve Blake.

Blake is more than a serviceable point guard who now gives the Warriors a legitimate option off the bench. The Dubs found themselves hampered by lack of production from the point guard position when Steph Curry would sit. There have been rumblings around the Warrior organization that Curry was playing too many minutes and that these extended minutes would catch up to him come playoff time.

For Warriors fans its a farewell to a player in Bazemore that was big on heart but lacking in productivity. The fans loved him for his exuberant sideline antics as the Warriors would play well. His “Bazemoreing” became a phenomenon in the Bay Area last year as Dubs fans mimicked his celebratory actions when the Warriors were lighting it up from long distance. The problem was that Bazemore could not carry that over to the court. As much as he added to the mix in terms of chemistry, he couldn’t spell Steph Curry when the Warriors All-Star needed a rest.

For Brooks it was a case of “we hardly knew ya.” Brooks came to the Warriors in the trade with Boston that also netted Jordan Crawford. Brooks was stuck in no-mans land with several more capable players ahead of him on the depth chart.

Its a win-win for all parties involved. The Warriors got the back-up point guard they covet (Blake) and Bazemore and Brooks will get to play more on a God-awful Laker squad. Everyone is happy in this scenario except for……well, Lakers fans.

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