In a game that serves as a microcosm for the first half of the Golden State Warriors season LeBron James fade-away left-wing three pointer gave Miami a 111-110 win over the Warriors on Wednesday night.

The Warriors trailed by 21 points in the late third quarter but rallied behind a 33-9 run to grab an early fourth quarter lead at 87-84. The Heat behind James would counter with a 15-3 run to take a 99-90 lead but again the Dubs rallied.

With :23 secs left and the Warriors trailing 108-107, Steph Curry got a step on Mario Chalmers, drew some contact and finished off the back-board. After making the free-throw the Dubs grabbed a 110-108 lead. Even though Miami had a timeout left Miami put the ball in the amazing James hands. He dribbled on the perimeter scanning the floor, appearing to wait for the double team that never came. With Andre Iguodala draped on LeBron, the super-star drove left, stepped back and with Iggy’s hand in his face he arched a deep three that hit the bottom of the net with 0.2 of a second left.


Warriors coach Mark Jackson says it was great defense played by Andre Iguodala. “We witnessed greatness tonight by a great player who hit an amazing shot.” Jackson added, “I was pleased with how we competed and battled tonight. I told my guys I was proud of them.”

On the decision not to double-team LeBron on the final play. “The Heat did a great job of spreading the floor and we felt comfortable with Iguodala defending him one-on-one.”

The Warriors hit the break trying to re-discover themselves. Are they the team that beat Portland, the Clippers and took Miami to the brink, or are they the team that lost to Denver, Minnesota, Charlotte and Washington at home in the last month. Next Wednesday the Dubs begin the 29 game sprint toward the end of the season.

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