Browns are a Mess !

Cleveland Browns owner is not on his third GM in 407 days
Cleveland Browns owner is not on his third GM in 407 days

Is Jimmy Haslam serious ? Is this really happening ? What have the Cleveland Browns fans done to deserve this ? Haslam in his infinite wisdom this morning relieved General Manager Michael Lombardi and CEO Joe Banner of their duties.

As a Browns fan it’s not that I am mad these two are gone, it’s the rudderless direction and haphazard way with which Haslam runs this team. Think about it, the Browns have had three head coaches and three general managers in the last 407 days. That is the anti-thesis of a well-oiled machine. Its seems as if Haslam runs the team like a Lego set. He pieces things together, has no idea what the design or structure is or is meant to look like and then breaks it down and starts over. That is not how you build a football team, heck that is no way to run any kind of business.

It’s beyond me how the man-made all this money with his sub-par business acumen. Winners are built through time. The Browns will not win with a quick fix. Haslam is not endearing himself to fans who see his impulsive moves as desperate. Can he even make a decision and see it through ? All we have seen for the better part of 13 months is major upheaval.

I feel for the players. “Yes,” they are millionaires, but they play this game because they love it. They would love the ship they are sailing on to cut through the waters with aplomb and navigate the tough seas with precision. Instead, they have a leader, an owner, who is leading them into an abyss.

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