Hey Sacramento, what was that ?

On Monday, the Sacramento Kings presented free-agent forward Andre Igoudala with a contract offer for 4-years and 52 million dollars. It was the largest offer on the table for the multi-faceted forward. There was one catch to the offer though. Igoudala had to make a decision……QUICKLY. The Kings didn’t want the former Philadelphia star shopping that price elsewhere and leveraging their offer to get better offers elsewhere.

Then, suddenly, in the wee hours this morning the Kings pulled their offer off the table. It can be debated whether Igoudala was worth that kind of money in the first place, but what can’t be debated is this is a bad precedent to set for a new ownership group, front office and staff as they try to gain credibility in the highly competitive Association.

The fans will see the move as fans see it. They will weigh whether the money and the talents of the player were worth the significant offer and potential hit down the road on the salary cap. But, this move of pulling the offer will hurt the Kings in an even more important arena, credibility.

What if the Kings are interested next week, next year in a free agent and they make an offer. There needs to be a symmetry and understanding between the teams, the agents and the players that once an offer is made, that offer is in stone. There is a trust in simply making the offer. The Kings new owner Vivek Ranadive and GM Pete D’Alessandro are not novices to the free agent game. They should have known better.

I understand this new group is under the gun. And, with Tyreke Evans getting a lucrative 4-year 44 million dollar offer from the Pelicans, the Kings need to make some pop-gun decisions. But, to make such a substantial offer, but put conditions of expediency on THAT offer seems unreasonable, especially when you are trying to become relevant again.

No doubt the Kings fans and the entire North State is thrilled the Kings are staying in Sacramento. But,
Ranadive and D’Alessandro better not make a habit of such sketchy ploys. The ownership group will get a pass on this one from the fans, hell, they are just thrilled to still have a team. But, if I’m a player or agent, there will be some skepticism when you hear the Sacramento Kings have made a contract offer.

Ranadive and company get a pass…….THIS TIME. But, don’t let that happen again


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