Kershaw miffed at not getting to start All-Star game

Clayton Kershaw is not a happy camper and I don’t understand why. Kershaw is having a tremendous season and appears on his way to another Cy Young Award. Yet, this week he has made a stink in New York site of tonight’s All-Star Game at Citi Field because he is not starting the All-Star Game. Really ? THIS is what is bugging you ?

Now, whether this is Kershaw making this a story or he is trying to get a “dig in” on San Francisco Giants Manager Bruce Bochy is not known. But, we do know that Kershaw was rather terse in his responses when asked whether he should have started the game. When Bochy was asked whether New York Mets phenom Matt Harvey is only starting the Mid-Summer Classic because the game is being played at his home ballpark? Bochy responded with, “it really wouldn’t have mattered what city we were playing in.” Kershaw countered with “that’s his opinion.” Ding Ding !

Kershaw says he understands that it makes sense to start Harvey because its being played at his home ball-park. But, that is not what was said by Bochy and evidently it has torqued the Dodgers lefty.  When Dodgers manager Don Mattingly was asked whether Kershaw should be considered to start the game, Donnie Baseball responded with, “”I don’t know why not. he’s definitely pitching good enough to be the guy. I read what he said the other day and that says a lot about Clayton’s character.” Mattingly was alluding to complimentary comments made by Kershaw about Harvey.

Here is how I feel. Why is Kershaw giving these types of responses ? No one can argue with Kershaw’s resume. 8-6 with a 1.98 ERA and 139 strikeouts. But, this is an EXHIBITION GAME. Regardless of the importance that Bud Selig and his legion of old codgers thinks, this game means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Sure, it determines home field in the World Series, but what is really important is the regular season and getting into the playoffs. The All-Star Game is an “I” guy thing. It’s an individual event in a team game. Its means nothing, so why waste so much energy protesting why you aren’t the starting pitcher in the game ?

Kershaw should have said, “Sure, I wanted to start, but can’t really argue with Matt Harvey. He is having a great year.” PERIOD ! End of story. Now, with Kershaw’s responses we might have a little something-something generated between the dominant Dodger and Giants manager Bruce Bochy…….hmmm, come to think of it, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Enjoy the exhibition everyone ! Remember, it’s an exhbition game !


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