The Giants have nothing on the Dodgers brand of torture

San Francisco Giants fans like to affectionately call their brand of baseball “torture.” The reasoning was the Giants would put their team through an emotional roller-coaster when either winning or losing games. The Giants appeared to take pride in making things difficult. It was cutesy, but really not believable.

When you win two World Championships in three years there is nothing torturous about it. Sorry, you don’t get to corner the market on “torture.” Let’s look at the definition of said word; the infliction of intense pain, as from burning, crushing or wounding. To punish, coerce or afford sadistic pleasure. Ahhhh, now we are getting somewhere.

True torture is reserved for teams that are not as successful as the Giants. I was thinking about this last night as I watched the Los Angeles Dodgers bullpen meltdown for the umpteenth time in a game against a division rival and give another one away. Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw pitched seven innings of dominant baseball only to see the Dodgers bullpen, known by Dodger fans as “The Box of Pain,” relinquish another lead and ballgame.

Ring-announcer Michael Buffer has copyrighted the phrase, “Lets Get Ready to Rumble.” Well, no Dodger fan would argue if the 2013 Dodgers coined the term “Box of Pain”  This group has been true “torture” to watch. It is true torture knowing that your own personal Box of Pain will inflict intense pain and wound ones’ baseball soul.

So, the next time a Giants fan complains of the torture their team is putting them through, I will just roll my eyes. True torture in not buffing your two World Series trophies while complaining about how much stress your team puts you through when they win.

True “torture” is the BOX OF PAIN residing in a little shed in the deeper left field confines of Chavez Ravine.


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