The NBA’s biggest drama queen

I don’t doubt that Dwayne Wade has a few aches and pains as he plays basketball but do we have to see him go through all the histrionics on a game-by-game basis ? By looking at Wade one would think he had just been in a car accident and it has taken all the energy he can muster just to “valiantly” take the court. His performance throughout the post-season ALMOST made me believe he was actually injured, then Game 4 happened.

In Game 4 Wade was his normal dominant self. Crisp cuts, springy legs, explosiveness. He scored 32 points pulled down 6 rebounds, had 5 assists and 5 steals. He dominated the game in almost every facet. Someone who is injured or hurt does not play like that. Even with that performance there were numerous times he was knocked to the ground and would rise to his feet like he was an 85 year-old man.

Wade’s performances and antics are not heroic. They just show a player who loves having the attention on himself. Whether he is performing at a high level or whether he wants to give the appearance he is playing through some kind of battle-wound. His prima-donna ways are the ultimate in self-adulation. “Look at me, I’m Dwayne Wade and I’m important.”

I will take Wade for what he is. Once, a fine ball-player who could be admired for his drive and determination. Now, just someone who is squeezing every ounce of public sentiment that he can grab by feigning injury and trying to give the impression he is playing through some type of excruciating pain….How about this Dwayne ? How about just playing and not letting anyone know you might be dinged up a bit.

They sure don’t make stars like they used to


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