I was wrong….Harbaugh was right


Capricorns can be stubborn and obstinate. When we believe we are right, its tough for us to budge. But, when we are presented with such over-whelming visual evidence that we are wrong, we concede with aplumb….that is what this Capricorn is going to do today.

Colin Kaepernick was simply superb. His ability to dominate the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Playoff game on Saturday night will go down in the long and storied history of the San Francisco 49ers. He not only impressed with his rocket arm, but his legs…..oh those legs.

Kaepernick ran by, over and thru the impotent Packers defense like they were cardboard cut-outs. It was the best playoff rushing game by a quarterback in the HISTORY of the league. Green Bay defenders marveled at how well Kaepernick ran the read-option and sprinted by them. It was domination rarely seen at the professional level, let alone by a second year quarterback.

The second-year pro from Nevada-Reno, by way of Turlock, will now hoist the 49ers on his shoulders and take them to Atlanta, where he hopes to carry them to the Super Bowl and take care of some unfinished business. The loss against the New York Giants last year still stinging the 49er faithful.

In my criticisms of the move by Jim Harbaugh two months ago I argued that Harbaugh was disrupting the rhythm of the team by going to Kaepernick without taking his team’s well-being for the 2012 season in mind. I stated, the best chance for 49er success during THIS season was with Alex Smith. For 2013 and beyond, I thought Kaepernick was the choice. But, clearly Harbaugh had the pulse of the situation.

He knew that he couldn’t indiscriminately go to Kaepernick while Smith was putting up a 25-1 record. With that said, he also knew that at the first opportunity to make the switch, he was going to pounce. Remember, Harbaugh, his coaches and the players see practice each and every day, and reports had surfaced for the last year that Kaepernick was out-playing Smith on a daily basis. As we all know, playing in games, and in practice are completely different. But, Harbaugh knew exactly what he wanted to do.

In conceding I was wrong about the situation, I still believe it was handled horribly. Is it a difficult, almost impossible dilemna to navigate ? Absolutely. But, Harbaugh’s coy and effusive responses to the media about his quarterback situation were also echoed by the two quarterback’s in question who both said they were not getting any indication where Harbaugh was leaning. I think he knew,  just preferred playing the game, to keep everyone on edge, that is the Harbaugh way. I believe he owed Smith a sit-down to tell him the what, why and how. Smith deserved that much.

In the end, Harbaugh was right, I was wrong, and all is normal with the world. The 49ers are one win away from going to the Super Bowl. San Francisco fans have their quarterback of the present and the future and his name is not  Alex Smith. Smith will land somewhere, and will be an effective quarterback. But, the 49ers belong to Kaepernick now, and its exactly how the mad genius wanted it.


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