Alex or Colin ? This is not a controversy but it is Jim Harbaugh’s first coaching dilema

San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh does not have to choose between Joe Montana and Steve Young. But, he does have a “situation” that he must make a decision on before the Niners next game on Sunday. No one would mistake either Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick, for “Joe” and “Steve.”

This quarterback dilemna sits squarely on Harbaugh’s shoulders. If he stays with Alex Smith and the 8-year veteran continues to be pedestrian, then the fans and critics will criticize Harbaugh for not reading the tea leaves with Kaepernick’s performance on Monday night. If Harbaugh moves to Kaepernick, his critics will skewer the coach for not sticking with a starting quarterback that has 20-5-1 over the last season plus.

It’s a great problem to have but also an important and possibly fatal decision resting on Harbaugh’s shoulders. What he should do is defer. He should punt the decision until the next off-season. Re-instate Smith, if he fails this year, hand the keys to the car to Kaepernick next season and bid Smith a fond farewell. The 49ers immediate and long-term future could rest on the decision that Harbaugh reaches in the next 48-72 hours.


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