Giants ENERGY tough to beat

The San Francisco Giants have an energy and momentum right now that is palpable. We usually only hear of physicists or new-age gurus that talk about the actual weight and physical presence of energy. Quantum physics are two scary words for the uninitiated…..but, right now its really the only thing that describes the “feel” around the Giants right now.

The Giants energy is tangible.

Right now the baseball Giants are a collection of molecules operating in a synchronized fashion at a level of perfection rarely seen in sport on the team level. We see specific players get in a zone. Rarely, if ever, do we see TEAMS get in a zone. We are talking about 25 guys….ALL playing at their apex.

I watch a lot of baseball. It’s basically my love. Its one of my true loves. Whether I am watching a tee ball game, high school, Legion ball or the big leaguers….its what envelopes me. I have seen a lot of outstanding baseball performances in my day…..The Giants of RIGHT NOW and the Red Sox run of 2004, are the only times I have felt that there was something bigger than sport taking place.

The Giants are a confluence of energy, passion, talent, determination and joy…..its a wave…..and we are all being carried along in its journey


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