Aaron Rodgers reaches his breaking point

Chico’s Aaron Rodgers has handled the media expertly in his tenure as a professional athlete. It has made Chicoans proud to say, “Yeah, he is from my hometown….he is class personified.” For four seasons Brett Favre treated him as a nuisance rather than a teammate, yet nary a peep from Rodgers. He is the master of saying a lot, without saying anything inflammatory at all…..I believe he has handled the media with aplomb. But, every person, every athlete has their breaking point.

Monday night was that point.

Rodgers went on his weekly radio show in Milwaukee on Tuesday and took the NFL to task. He first apologized to the fans because “the NFL won’t do it.” Second, he showed support for the locked out officials and then he threw a hay-maker at the NFL again. He said NFL leaders care more about cash than they do about player safety and the integrity of the game.

They were some pointed comments and I believe necessary comments in the wake of the replacement official debacle we are now experiencing. Rodgers again making Chico fans proud, this time by saying the things that NEED to be said, and doing it in true classy Rodgers fashion.

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